Revelations at the Food Bank

Just a quick one this time.  It was Food Bank at Reach Out.  5:00 p.m. and cold and getting dark outside.  Inside the Fellowship Hall everyone was all warm and cosy having popcorn and cookies.  They were all waiting for numbers to be called for them to go outside and fill boxes with food to take home.


I had played my harp for a few people, but then the Lord seemed to highlight a family at a table down at the end of the room.  I walked over and offered to play some music for them.  They were happy about that idea.  Then, after playing some “atmosphere” style music, I offered to play a song for the little girl, about 10.  I told her I’d be listening for a new song from God just for her.  She looked intrigued by that idea.  I played a beautiful melody, and enjoyed listening to it myself as I played.  But I also heard “science” as I played. When I was done, I asked her if she liked science.  “I love it!” she exclaimed.  Her mother added, “She wants to be a scientist when she grows up!”  We talked a bit more, with my saying that the God who made her knows she loves science and that He told me that.  Then I looked over at her brother, 14, and asked if he wanted a song.  He said he didn’t need one, but was cordial about it. Still I heard God saying, “Math.”  So I asked him if he like math.  “Yes,” he replied, puzzled.  “It’s my favorite subject.”

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