Montgomery Park

As I pull into the blazing hot parking lot at Montgomery Park. there’s a sprawling oak tree ahead with grass and shade. Cool and peaceful. Should I play harp there? I glance over my shoulder at the brightly colored playground; I can just barely see over the fence. If I can spot any children there, I’ll go. Then I see… Read more →

Harp Appliances?

There we were in Mike’s Used Appliances.  It’s small, but there’s hope in the air.  We just might get the help we need here.  We’ve brought our gas stove with the dysfunctional oven, but they also have reconditioned gas stoves if they can’t fix ours cheaply.  We leave our stove there and head out for a quick bite while they… Read more →

Recent Encounters

It was Food Truck day, and I was asked to go over to a kind-looking woman in her 40’s who was sitting alone with the food she just received.  We introduced ourselves and I began listening to her story, her situation, her health issues and her husband’s health problems.  As she spoke, I started to hear a song from the… Read more →

Good Medicine

I had a few minutes to spare so I took a seat at a table just outside the entrance of an Ithaca coffee shop, pulled out my harp and began playing. As people entered or left the shop, some looked happy to hear me and others ignored me.  Then one lady smiled broadly as she walked in, and when she came out… Read more →

Subway Rocks

Today I popped over to Subway, and, sure enough, they didn’t have any ambient music playing.  Smiling, I bought a lemonade and asked if I could play my harp.  The woman at the register agreed, so I sat down near the window, and began playing, softly at first and then a little more strongly.  I was letting my fingers wander… Read more →

Jamming in the Stairwell

It was after the rehearsal for the Worthy Concert coming up.  We were practicing “Mary Did You Know” with cellos and percussion, Klezmer clarinet and singers.  I had at least an hour to spend somewhere, and I didn’t want to have to go out in that under 30 degree weather.  So I looked around Lincoln at Cornell for a spot… Read more →

Revelations at the Food Bank

Just a quick one this time.  It was Food Bank at Reach Out.  5:00 p.m. and cold and getting dark outside.  Inside the Fellowship Hall everyone was all warm and cosy having popcorn and cookies.  They were all waiting for numbers to be called for them to go outside and fill boxes with food to take home.   I had played… Read more →

Laundromat Connection

I wandered into the East Hill Laundromat in Ithaca, NY with a small harp.  This laundromat often doesn’t play music – an ideal spot for playing into the atmosphere and hopefully blessing people who are waiting for their laundry.  At the far end of the room I spot a boy, about 5, who is being admonished forcefully to “go over… Read more →

Adventures at the Food Bank

It was an extremely cold and windy Thursday last week, and only a few brave, desperate souls assembled for the food.  Handcarts were placed near the outside doors but no one stood beside them.  Some people stayed in their cars with their heaters blasting, but most came inside the Reach Out fellowship hall for the warmth and the popcorn. I’ve been to these… Read more →

Prophesy and Words of Knowledge?

I love to prophesy on the harp, with or without words, but I’ve been experimenting this past year with words of knowledge as well.  I’ve noticed that people are much more willing to receive prophetic messages from people who have a true word of knowledge for them.  Reliable prophetic sources who are accurate in this area say one major way… Read more →