Good Medicine

I had a few minutes to spare so I took a seat at a table just outside the entrance of an Ithaca coffee shop, pulled out my harp and began playing. As people entered or left the shop, some looked happy to hear me and others ignored me.  Then one lady smiled broadly as she walked in, and when she came out again with her coffee,  smiled again.  “Hi there,” I grinned, “want to hear a little song?”  She demurred a moment, but I said it wouldn’t take long.

She was intrigued.  She sat down at my table and we introduced ourselves.  “I’m going to play a little song just for you.  First I have to listen for it, OK?”  She nodded with a look of curiosity.  I prayed silently, asking Jesus to bless me with her song, and then began to play. I saw something wonderful happen.  The worry and anxiety I had seen in her face fell away, and a peace came over her.  “THAT’S what we need!” she exclaimed.  Then she said that everything that was going on in the world had been really troubling her, but that we needed more of “this”.  She thanked me as she left.


Next a young woman who had been reading a few tables away stopped by to say that she had enjoyed the harp playing.  “Oh,” I said, “would you like me to play you a song?”  “Well… I only have a minute.  I’m about to go to a class.  But… yes!” She plopped down happily in the listener seat.  Again I explained that I’d be listening for a song just for her.  As I began to play, she immediately closed her eyes and a serene look came across her face.  When I was done, she sat still there a moment savoring the gift with her eyes shut.  When she opened them and her eyes met mine, she exclaimed with a smile, “THAT was MEDICINE!  Thank you soooo much!”  She gathered up her things and left, still smiling.


It was a good day at East Hill Plaza.

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