Prophesy and Words of Knowledge?

I love to prophesy on the harp, with or without words, but I’ve been experimenting this past year with words of knowledge as well.  I’ve noticed that people are much more willing to receive prophetic messages from people who have a true word of knowledge for them.  Reliable prophetic sources who are accurate in this area say one major way to move in this is to practice over and over and be willing to look foolish.

Two nights ago I was at the checkout at a local grocery store and, when I looked at the cashier, saw something in the Spirit – a man who was way over-qualified for his position.  So I said, “You are in a job way below your station.  You’re way over qualified!”  He looked at me quizzically.  Then I said, “Computer science?”  Then he retorted, “How do you know this?  Do you know me?”  “No, I like to ask God things about people, and sometimes I hear correctly.  So, am I right?”  “Well, I have a master’s in logic from Amsterdam University.”  “Oh!” I said and then gave him an idea for another job, for which he thanked me, still looking puzzled by it all.  I forgot to prophesy with that opening, but at least I’m honing my skills!  Soon I’ll blog about prophesying with my harp!

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