Recent Encounters

It was Food Truck day, and I was asked to go over to a kind-looking woman in her 40’s who was sitting alone with the food she just received.  We introduced ourselves and I began listening to her story, her situation, her health issues and her husband’s health problems.  As she spoke, I started to hear a song from the Father for her and her husband, so I asked, “May I play you something on my harp?”  “Oh, yes!” she replied, clearly delighted with the idea.  I began to play and felt something special was happening.  When I was done, she said with a look of great peace and gratitude, “That sounded like a song I loved when I was six. Yes, it was something I heard in church once.”  I momentarily searched my mind for a hymn-like melody that maybe I had been playing, but could find none.  Evidently, the Lord had chosen music that would uniquely speak to her and bless her.

Last night I played the harp for a woman who had recently been in a car crash and had had a concussion and neck injury.  I asked the Lord for His healing to move through the music and then began to play my harp.  Afterwards she said she had seen Jesus approaching her, getting closer and closer as the music sang to her and that He was blessing her with His presence and love.  She also felt His reassurance that He was with her and watching over her and her situation.  We praised Him together.

Two blessed harp encounters.  Thank You, Jesus!

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