Subway Rocks

Today I popped over to Subway, and, sure enough, they didn’t have any ambient music playing.  Smiling, I bought a lemonade and asked if I could play my harp.  The woman at the register agreed, so I sat down near the window, and began playing, softly at first and then a little more strongly.  I was letting my fingers wander over the strings, looking for what might speak whatever God had in mind for the space.

After finishing, a friendly fellow came over and introduced himself, saying he was building a sound studio and would I be interested in getting together with other musicians perhaps to record.  Sounded like fun.  We left, each going our own way. I was heading to the grocery store, but, as I passed a young man sitting at an outdoor table,  I felt a Holy Spirit tap. So I turned around, walked over to him and asked if he’d like to hear something on the harp.  I explained that I’d be listening for a song right then for him.  He was open to the idea, so I sat down, pulled out my harp, prayed a moment and began.  I found a really nice chord and it became the signature sound for his song.  He liked the music, but hadn’t necessarily heard a message that he could identify.  I told him that I sensed God was very close to him and felt tenderly toward him.  He was heartened by that.

I had noticed that he had a bandage on his leg, so I asked if I could pray for healing and he agreed.  He had problems with the tendons in his lower right leg and his Achilles tendon.  After the prayer, he had better mobility and a lessening of the pain, but I’ve been praying since then that it’s all healed!

After my grocery shopping, I headed to my car.  An older gentleman who turned out to be a professional violinist and violin teacher stopped me in the parking lot and said my music had blessed him when I was playing outside Subway.  Then began a lengthy conversation ; he shared about his life and I shared about the goodness of God, the power of Jesus and the importance of God’s love in our lives. It came out that he had an injury that was preventing him from playing music, and so I prayed with him for better mobility in the fingers of his left hand, but we didn’t see immediate improvement. I played him a God song on the harp and sensed that he was going to be healed and there was much hope for him.   God definitely had a plan for him in the parking lot that day – from all I heard, to receive physical and hopefully other kinds of healing, and to hear about His all surpassing love and the importance of childlike wonder and faith –  which this sensitive man had in abundance.

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